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Funtec made in Germany, Hennef

Quality sports products made in Germany

Fun with sports and technology - that's what Funtec has stood for since its founding in 1992. Ralf Esser, a passionate mechanical engineer and "DIY-specialist", laid the foundation for the success of the family- run company with his passion and creativity in the development of new sports equipment. To this day, high- quality products with that certain "extra" are created in the company's own production facility at its headquarters in Hennef, North Rhine-Westphalia, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of athletes.

Funtec - Made in Germany
Funtec - Made in Germany

Versatility leads to success

Thinking outside the box, recognizing trends and adapting flexibly to the needs of the market: These skills have contributed significantly to Funtec's corporate success. These principles are lived above all by founder and technical creator Ralf Esser, who has tried his hand at numerous products and services in the sports sector during his professional career. Over time, he has succeeded in establishing Funtec in three very different market sectors - beach volleyball equipment, perimeter board systems for soccer courts and ball catching safety netting. And it is precisely these different facets that make Funtec so successful.

Revolution in Beachvolleyball
Ralf Esser invents a portable net system as well as a professional permanent post system for modern beachvolleyball.
First mobile, high-functional board system
Creation of the predecessor of a soccer board system, that is still built today in a very similar form.
First permanent indoor soccer court system
The first generation of an indoor soccer court is launched.
First foundationless indoor board system
The 3F-board system with free-standing perimeter boards and fiberglass overhead safety netting is born.
Beachvolleyball is coming home
Funtec builds its own production for high-end beachvolleyball net systems at its home location in Hennef.
Upgrade by multipurpose posts and net attachment
The 3F-PRO board system is now produced with aluminum components and a sophisticated net attachment technique.
More space for innovation
Funtec is investing in a new building. New offices, workshop and logistic space for the team and for new products.